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Wait Lil Mama : Growing In Patience

My six year old daughter has tugged my attention for two weeks about her loose tooth. She’s discovered the magic of the tooth fairy, and she loves to buy her own stuff at a nearby Dollar Tree, so she’s eager to have the tooth gone. Payton has gone as far to ask me to pull her tooth out in desperation; I kindly tell her to have patience with her loose tooth in knowing in due time it will work itself out without needing forced intervention. God whispers to us in our moments of impatience to trust him with full faith to wait on him in trusting his plans, directions, and purpose for our lives.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27 : 14

The Force Is Not With You

I am not a Star Wars’ fan, but I know the famous line in the movie, ” May the force be with you.” The quote works in a movie, but it doesn’t work when we force things before their timing in our real lives. Personally, I can say when I attempted to force things in my life it later brought much heartache, confusion, and disappointment. My senses would later come to me after my forced actions from not being patient in wanting to shake myself in saying, “Girl, why didn’t you just wait?” I’ve learned through growing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to not fear the lapse time period of waiting in trusting in the Lord. My social pet peeve is dominant controlling behavior, yet even I have to watch in conciousness to release force in dabbling my interjections into God’s plans for my life. I knew if I pulled my daughter’s tooth before it’s time simply because she wanted me to it would hurt, be a bloody mess, and do more damage in the long run.

No Comparisons

We can compare ourselves to others through images on the internet, social media posts, and occasionally through the onset of conversation. I’m very careful to differentiate being inspired by positive images of success, aspirations, and beauty than allowing myself to sulk in comparison of their influences. What’s meant for us individually for ourselves and collectively for our families will happen in due time, in it’s divine season, and from what hits later a planned purpose. I’ll give my baby girl about another week for her little tooth to fall out. In the meantime, we’ll both wait patiently for the reward of visiting the Dollar Tree. I will simply tell her until then,”Wait lil Mama.”

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