Journeys In Motherhood, The Little Things That Count

Family Table Talks : How A Rickety Table Brings Us Together

I sat down five plates of my famous Hoppin John stew, mixed greens, and buttery cornmeal on our rickety table for Sunday dinner. I have to be very careful if not one of the top planks lifts ups, and I have to move the table carefully holding the legs. I never thought a whack purchase of a table on Facebook Market would be just what my children and I needed in bringing everyone together in fellowship in enjoying table talks. I’m a little disappointed that our table purchase wasn’t what I expected, but I love the way it brings everyone in the home together. I poured some home brewed hibiscus tea in our mixed matched glasses on the table praying that no one makes a spill since the table was still unfurnished leaving a sticky residue. I called for the kids to come down for dinner; seeing how excited they were in coming down to our little makeshift table was the comfort I needed in knowing that it’s not the style of table that matters as long as the table is always welcoming.

It Wasn’t Always Like This

We didn’t always have our little table. We had a beautiful, tall, dark mahogany table. It had strong legs with matching barstool sturdy chairs. The table lasted a decade transitioning from our first small apartment which two children, and it automatically came in purchasing our new home. The table was a magnificent center piece for years in our open floor plan, but it to in time started to wear down after years of wear. It was a surprised gift for me that I will forever appreciate, but it could never fully accommodate at the time a home of six. Someone would left from the table leaving two others to eat on the small portable tables in the living room to eat at dinner. The kids would eat at the table while the adults would eat in the living room. Yes, we were technically together, but in truth we were each in our own worlds.

A Heck of A Deal!

I searched the internet looking for affordable family dining tables options for intimate kitchen spaces online. The old table was scratched badly on the top, and one of the legs were very shaky. The table was very heavy, and it could have been very hurtful if it broke falling on anyone of us. A friend suggested that I visit Facebook Market, and I discovered a heck of a deal for a table that I wanted for little of nothing. I order two additional benches so that everyone could sit at the table with no one being left out. The builder sold it as is in just learning how to make tables, and I bought it proudly because it came from another creative Mommy. The DIY table actually fell apart with all three legs falling off. I however learned I had handy skills myself screwing the legs back on, securing the edges, sanding it down, and furnished it. I think the original builder for the effort and foundation.

It’s The Little Things That Count

We have fell in love with this table, and although it has its issues, it brings the whole family together. My children are growing older in expressing more in conversation. We don’t have an icebreaker box of conversation starters at the table; we just talk. I use that time for us to see what’s going on with everybody, to share family updates, and occasionally throw in something to cause us to reflect on openly. I never had that experience growing up at home with everyone sitting at a table outside of a restaurant, and I didn’t want my kids to have the same. Recently, our Sunday dinner table talk lead to everyone sharing what they loved that everyone did in personally contributing to the table speaker’s life, yet later the contradiction of what they didn’t like that someone did in expressing how those actions made them feel. I was overwhelmed in joy in hearing the good things my children shared during our table talk that day, and I was also humbly convicted on somethings that they talked about that I appreciate them sharing at the dinner table. I’m just grateful that good, bad, or even brutally honest it was shared together at our rickety table.

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