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Bounce Back! 4 Tips To Rebuild Following A Low Blow

It’s unfortunate when we find ourselves being hit with a low blow, especially when in our heart we didn’t “do anything wrong” to garner what feels like an attack on our lives. However, none of us are immune to losses, misses, misuses, abuses, or mistreatment. Learning the power of resilience in both spiritual understanding and emotional maturity will help you recover from the inside reflecting outwardly to bounce back following a low blow.

I Can’t Believe This!”

There’s nothing worse when something happens to us that seems unfair, unwarranted, and unnecessary in a petty attack. The first thing that comes to mind to most of us is,” I can’t believe this!” We may ask the question, ” Why is the this happening to me?” No, I’m not saying that you are sitting with a halo around your head in being a perfect angel, but I can bare witness to the feeling of being caught off guard from a major loss, direct attack, and occasionally some shade.

“Oh, No They Didn’t!”

Despite, how genuine, kind, giving, and friendly you are to what you thought was a friend did you later find out that she was a closet frenemy bad mouthing you behind your back? Despite your hardwork, dedication, effort, and sacrifice for a project were you blantely snubbed while your boss or another employee took full credit? Better yet, did no one speak up on your behalf? Have you ran into the mean girls club at your church, office, or mom group who have done everything in their power to spread rumors, gossip, and ostracize you from anyone they could? Did someone do you wrong, but later spread blantely a fabricated story as if they were a victim?The list could go on from possible slights and injustices that we may have encountered from wherever and whomever. How do we bounce back from such unfortunate events without questioning God, our worth, and build back from the pain?

Here are 4 Tips to help you rebuild, regroup, and rechannel your energy to bounce back following a low blow:

  1. Take Some Time To Process what happened. When we take a moment to really process what happened we have the ability to think with a clear understanding to set up the steps to move forward effectively. This helps us to be strategic when handling problems and conflicts in being proactive rather than reactive in our response.
  2. What can I learn from this? One of my favorite quotes is “You live, you learn, and you grow.” There is a lesson despite how bleak, upsetting, and hurtful that you can learn from every low blow that comes your way. The difference between a victim and a survivor is a mentality. A survivor is willing to build themeselves back up from the pieces that were broken, whereas the victim has chosen to solely from an assault use it as their identity. Maybe the lesson is learning how to be selected of friends, and you need to take time to cultivate healthier friendships. The lesson could be for you to be more protective of your work in copyrighting your efforts, or maybe it’s time for you to branch out to start your own business. The lesson could be simply learning how to walk away in peace. There is always a lesson to be learned that you and only you have to discover the conclusion for yourself.
  3. Rechannel and Refocus Your Energy. Next to discovering the lessons that can be learned from an unfortunate circumstance is learning how to rechannel the pain towards something positive. Why waste your time in a pit of anger, seeking the wrath of revenge, and constantly reliving the incident? Healing takes time for sure, but the quicker you move on the better. The more you hold on to unforgiveness and bitterness it will eat away at your spirit. You’re worth so much more than that. Rechannel your energy to something you love, refocus on what you can build from your gifts, spend time with those who love you for you ( not for what you can do or provide for their benefit), and regroup if necessary in some reflecting alone time.
  4. Remember You Are Resilient! Think about all the things you have been though and overcame in your life allowing that to be a reminder of how resilient you are. You have bounced back from so many things when you think about it. It’s like when we’re having a rough patch we forget all the things that we have survived. You are much stronger, wiser, and better from all the things that you have overcame in your life. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger to defeat and be more than a conqueror of what lies a head! There’s beauty in having a resilient spirit. There is so much beauty in you and despite what may have happened a purpose for your life. Dust yourself off, and don’t be afraid to rock it out!

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