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Life Lessons From My Sassy Strong -Willed Child  

   Let’s face it, the strong – willed child can sometimes catch a bad rap for their quirky personalities. Yes, I can admit in saying that they can be a handful and stubborn at times. I have a strong- willed four year old who marches to the beat of her own drum, and I lovingly embrace it. I watch Payton in her tenacious spirit from afar seeing how she creates her own lane within our brood of young ones. Her strength in pushing the limits in exploring adventures along with voicing her opinion keeps us all on our toes. You don’t have to guess how Payton is feeling just take a look at her face. She’s equally loving as she is feisty in personality. She’s protective of others in a nurturing way. Payton is my dependable helper although she is the baby by a one minute default in birth with her twin sister. I know as parents many feel the need to tame the strong -willed child’s personality. I agree it takes a conscious effort in keeping them in line in moments. As for me though, I admire her outgoing, no holds bar, and the confident attitude of my daughter. I will never break her spirit. In fact, I have secretly put a few tid bids in my memory box of some good keepers to hold dear. 

I admire the following qualities in my strong- willed daugther, and I wouldn’t change them for all the tea in China!

  •  You can never go wrong in being yourself.  My daugther can have her ways at times in her demeanour with being sassy. However she is consistent in her ways, and that’s one of the many reasons why we love her.
  • Have your own style, and boldly embrace it. Our daugther may have a twin sister, but she loves to embrace her uniqueness. She will ditch the matching set up any day. She’ll choose to wear a feathered boa, head dress, or a rhinestone dress just because, and she’ll walk fiercely out of the house!
  • Mean what you say, and stick to your guns. Payton is not unreasonable, but she means what she says. 
  • Stand up for yourself. Our daugther may have been born a micro preemie, but don‘t let here size fool you. She will boldly speak up for herself, and she will defend herself if need be.
  • Stand up for others especially those who need it the most. Payton not only stands up for herself, but she stands up for others. She is very protective of her twin sister who has autism in making sure no one harms her. She also despite her age does the same for anyone in the house. 
  • Take risk. Our daugther isn‘t afraid to get on the fastest ride at the annual fair. Im so glad they have a height requirment!
  • Let Your light shine. Our eldest two were asked to sing a song at church. I thought the twins would watch in support. Payton walked to the stage , and she went up with her siblings singing. She grabbed a mic, and she song her song from the heart. The whole chruch gave her a warm applause clapping in awe
  • Let nothing hold you back. Payton may have went through a serious of various surgical procedures in her early toddler stage, but this pint sized diva holds nothing back in pushing herself to the limits in showing I can do anything you can do!
  • Strong people can be sensitive to. Our daugther maybe a pretty tough cookie, but she is the 1st to show love with affection towards others. She may be fiercely independent, but she doesn‘t mind expressing her needs for assistance.
  • Win or lose I still rock! Payton doesn‘t let a minor set back throw her off. She strives in doing her best, and regardless if she finishes 1st or last in the race she has a smile.

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