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The Real Glow Up: Building Your Relationship with God

There are times when my kids and I look at old photos with them sharing comments on how much they’ve changed in knocking their Garanimals fashion days to their now cooler teen fashion. The glow up of the evolution of personal growth has become a popular hashtag with all types of selfie challenges. I’ve posted some recent pictures of myself on some of my social media platforms with a few comments from those who know me or who’ve been following me for a while making mention of a glow. I personally enjoy seeing people reflect on how far they’ve matured, look youthful in appearance despite a decade, or be in a happier place within their spirit in glowing. I however know that what the world may view as a glow up of outer beauty compares to nothing of the spiritual glow up that only developing a relationship with Christ can give that radiates from the inside out.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

The Golden Time of Day

I am a Frankie Beverly and Maze fan, and I play ” Golden Time of Day” at least once a day in just putting me in my happy place. The older I get I listen to the words of songs not just the rhythm. The words in the song speak of being in such an awesome place within your life and your spirit in comparison to the breathtaking moment of when the sun is at it’s brilliance in going down at the end of the day. My life has had it’s roller coaster moments in the last two years, but it also gave way for me to develop a sincere relationship in Christ in depending on him. Divorce can take you to a rock bottom place mentally, physically, and financially as a single mother. I can say that in time despite divorce being in ongoing grieving process that it gets better in moving on from a place of hurt. There is a glow when you’ve made the decision to grow from a place of brokenness with bitterness to healing. There is a light that shines on people who harbor no resentment from life’s hiccups. I can say even in challenges I’ve grown in knowing more about my strengths then dealing on the defeating feeling of ruminating in my weakness in slowing building up my confidence through faith. I also in this season in my life have a more solid foundation of a support system with genuine friends, loved ones, and spiritual leaders by my side. I give glory to God in praise when someone compliments about my glow in knowing that inner joy comes not from temporary happy moments, makeup, a new Boo, a fancy job title, degrees, likes, or filters. Inner joy and peace can only glow in your spirit through developing your own personal relationship with Christ.

Get Your Glow On Through Christ

  • Make time each day to connect with God through building your prayer life.
  • Find a daily devotion and stay consistent in reading it.
  • Take time to connect with nature, inspirational music, and fall into doing hobbies that you really love.
  • Let go of what no longer serves you, isn’t good for you, and that has a powerful stronghold over your life.
  • Adopt forgiveness over bitterness.
  • Connect with fellow believers and loved ones who are positive, supportive, encouraging, and who see the best in you.
  • Find purpose through action in service in helping others.
  • Seek growth through service rather than validation.
  • Set priorities and boundaries of what and who is most important.
  • Take time to enjoy life through exploration, travel, mission, and discovery of all of God’s creation.

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