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Thanks For The Flowers Now!

I was always told my great grandmother Addie Sue was a true character in personality. One of her most famous quotes that has been passed down throughout the family as being told by my mother was,” Give me my flowers now while I can smell them, and not when I ‘m gone.” I never met her since she passed before I was born, but I do believe she blatantly met as a matriarch in her sweet and sassy way was for others to show appreciation to others genuinely while there’s still time before it’s to late. My son shared with me the day after his recent birthday celebration here at home some very heartfelt words of gratitude for what he called a “lovely spread” of festivities. It melted my heart because what he spoke mentioned more of the details many teens would’ve of taken for granted in effort in a simple party. I told him thanks for giving me my flowers, and he looked puzzled as if ” Mom, you’re trippin!” I explained to him that it’s the little things that count with a mom like me in saying such kind words while I was in person to hear them.

Happy Birthday Son!

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. John 13:34

The Unexpected

Chadwick Boseman in some of is most iconic roles

My son shared with me soon as I sat on the couch from catching my breath from cleaning up from our old school Koolaid and Cake birthday party that his favorite actor Chadwick Boseman had passed away. We all paused because his seven year old twin sister had put the Black Panther movie on in the living room while I prepped for the intimate party set up. She asks to watch that movie at least once a week here at home, and she bought her brother with her little allowance a T’challa collectible figurine. It was a moment of sadness in knowing someone who brought hope, power, pride, dignity, and humiliated on and off the screen was now gone after fighting a four year battle privately of colon cancer at the tender age of 43 years old. Chadwick brought notable African Americans like Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and our local hero James Brown to life on the screen almost disappearing with his portrayals of his own identity in being so good. Black people and those of all races came in droves to pack the theaters to watch our very on first black comic book hero do his thang on the screen dressed in proud African attire. We felt like royalty because he how regal he was to us. Our children have been told they were kings and queens so many years, but in the Black Panther they could actually see it. I was taken further in saddens and admiration to learn he completed many of his famous films while enduring chemotherapy and surgeries. Chadwick visited the St. Judes hospital to show love and support to terminally ill children while quietly battling stage IV cancer himself. His life and death taught me that in life you never know what someone is going through or fighting so offer kindness and respect if you can’t give them anything else. Chadwick Bosman’s life will be forever treasured, his work unforgettable, his heart as a philanthropist inspiring, and his legacy will endure as a movement.

Chadwick visiting terminally ill children in the hospital at St.Jude Children Research Hospital

Celebrate Life and Others

I haven’t cancelled year 2020 as many others have said with all it’s tragic ongoing occurrences. I see this year in all it’s shake ups through surviving a pandemic, social distancing, political unrest, civil causes for fair treatment for all, and the unexpected death of many celebrities as a wake up call to value life. Almost a million people have died of coronavirus and even more are being inflected. Our children’s lives have been shaken up from their norm needing us as parents to comfort them in giving them hope as we struggle ourselves with doubt. We can choose to complain about life or find glimpses of hope in the midst of darkness. We can choose to harbor petty grievances or handle them in love, grace, and peace. I interacted with three individuals from my past this week in which the history had been mixed with feelings. God has away of bringing things around full circle in our lives, and I’m glad to say that there is no ill feelings towards either of them. There is peace through acknowledgement, maturity, and personal growth in being in new seasons in all parties’ lives. Let’s celebrate life. Let’s honor each other while still in the flesh. Let’s not take each other for granted in actions from being in our feelings and acting ungodly. If someone is laid on your hear to call, do reach out. You never know if you may need it or if they need a a check in to lift their spirits. Lastly, you never know what someone is going through despite how they may appear or post on social media. Let’s choose to show love giving others their flowers in appreciation of the roles they play in our lives now while they can enjoy it.

1 thought on “Thanks For The Flowers Now!”

  1. Beautiful post and so true. Your grandma sounds like a wonderful soul, she definitely had the right mindset! Chadwick’s death really messed with me even though I didn’t know him on a personal level… what got me most is that we didn’t even know about his condition! And yet everyone in the world knows when I have a cold or didn’t sleep well.. this man is something to be treasured forever.


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