Spiritual Growth and Understanding

A Safe Place

My night senses have grown deeper in being in tune to awake when my twin daughter enters my room at night to run into my bed. It’s usually after a bad dream that my sweet daughter Paris calls out “Mom” as her feet pitter -patter quickly through the dark to jump safely into the center of my bed. I believe that deep down everyone searches for a safe place with friends, relationships, and environments for comfort. God hears our hearts and words as we open ourselves up to being vulnerable with the warmth of a mother’s bed with welcoming comfort in providing a safe place.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalms 46: 1


A dear loved one has been bounced from home to home and later through the foster care system most of his young life. He’s learned through measures of self-coping skills to build a wall to not trust many because of constantly being beytrayed, beaten down with harsh words, and disappointed. His guard sadly makes him also lash out, act distant, and act out in subconscious desperation to deflect from feeling like he’s alone in what feels to him a cold world. We’ve had a strong bond since his birth in both being able to be transparent together. I appreciate the times we share together in seeing for a brief moment the intensity of his guard relaxing to connect. Many of us can relate to the understanding of being guared around others; we also know our on ” Why’s” from their roots for the premises of being guared.

I Am Your Safe Place

My sweet daughter who is diagnosed with autism has processed that if she calls my name in fear and uncertainty that without a doubt mom is a safe haven of peace. It’s a predictable cliche’ in being a Christian family blogger for me to share with you to call on the name of the Lord in a message of discovering your safe zone, but it’s impertative for us to recognize as believers that there’s power in the name of the Lord. Yes, Jesus can work through us with friends, loved ones, and wise church leaders on our behalf. However, there is no safety net in comparison to that of God and what he promises in the bible for our lives. We all need a safe place in being unshield within our authenticity of who we are, what we need, and what we are going through. The safety of the Lord is awaiting you with open arms willing and waiting for all to enter. Allow God to be your refuge.

God is within her,she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. Psalms 46:5

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