The Little Things That Count

Why I Love Fall Ya’ll! : Step Into The Joy Of Fall

There are four notable seasons in a year, but the mere mention of autumn has my senses tingling in joy in anticipation of fall. I don’t know if it’s the slight change in temperature from summer’s steamy wrath, the warm hues of fall leaves falling off the trees, or fall being the beginning prelude for holiday season, but it has honestly been my favorite season since a little girl. My southern accent is a bit partial to the word “ya’ll”, so don’t mind me in sharing my pure delight about fall ya’ll!

Here are a few reasons why I enjoy fall :

Fall Leaves & Memories : Maybe it’s my inner child, but I love fall leaves. I can remember as a child joining my brother in diving in a large pile of crisp fall leaves. Sure, we were supposed to rake the leaves at our grandparents’ home, but what child can resist jumping in a large pile of leaves. My brother and I would merge from the ground itchy after jumping in a pile of leaves, get scold by grandma’s for being “hard headed” in disobedience, but we sure had a blast. Ugh, sorry Grandma.

Finally, I can wear my boots! There’s nothing like sliding on your cool new boots, after waiting nearly a year. There’s nothing like shaking the dust off your old favorite and faithful boots seemly awaiting for you in the back of the closet. I embrace my favorite pair of boots like old friends during the fall, it’s like my feet are asking them, “Where have you been?” If you live in a hot, humid, and muggy area like I do wearing boots is rarely a necessity. When do you officially wear boots for fall? Ha, for me when I feel like it! It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking your boots for fashion or function fall is the official boot kick off.

Fall treats, delicacies, and feasts : Maybe it’s me fall has the best dishes, sweets, and casseroles. I am more of a side kind of girl than a main course. Thanksgiving is the best time of year to test out new side dishes along with making homemade recipes that have survived generations. If you can’t wait until Thanksgiving tingle your taste bugs with a hearty soup. Enjoy crunchy peanut brittle, the delicious variety of fudge, pecan pie, and candy apples. The southern debate of pumpkin or sweet potato is taboo, but for fall bring on the pumpkin spice for me.

Fall activities, festivals, and events: Our city hosts every October the county fair, and lucky for us we stay near by. We can see the glorious ferris wheel as we pass by each fall season on the way from home on the drive back from school, smell the food coasting in the air from the fair grounds, bustle of excited attendees, and hear laughter from afar. Like a lot of parents, I know the fall extracurricular activity schedule can be hectic, but it’s a pleasure to see my children on the fall playing field. My husband and son take fall football seriously. My son recently shared in his first Georgia game with his dad. Fall is the perfect season to step out, enjoy life through fellowship, and connect.

A bit of relief from the heat. It’s a bit relief, but not a huge drop in temperature in Georgia when it comes to humidity. We appreciate the slight temperature drop in fall when it comes down to mugginess. My best time of reflection and thought comes from a cool morning’s stroll in the fall overlooking the Savannah River. I get to burn a few calories without the risk of heat exhaustion.

Fall Fashion: Summer fashion is all about showing skin, and the curvy girl I am loves the ability to layer with fall. It’s not just about wearing cool boots that heightens my inner fashionista about fall. I love that in fall wearing colorful scarves, sweaters, cardigans, stylish coats, creative tights, and more textured fabrics are highlighted in fashion. I may not be a present fixture in New York and Paris for couture Fall Fashion week, but I’m fond of fall fashion all the same.

May the fall season and every season you discover your own personal joy.

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