Being Authentic

Don’t Burst Your Bubble: The Other Side Of Bubbly Personalities

Bubbly personalities have an intriguing appeal to most in being friendly, perky, contagiously happy, and very optimistic. I’ve been told that I have a bubbly personality, for which I take as a compliment. There’s another side in having a bubbly personality that can feel daunting in perception with accommodating everyone else’s behavioral needs, expectations, and a double standard in being able to react to normal unpleasant circumstances. I would never change my natural demeanor, nor would I ask you to do so if you too have been labeled the “quicker picker upper” in having a bubbly personality. Maybe we can break the box we’ve been placed in by others. May we no longer feel guilty in sharing all the beautiful sides in embracing all that we are in being true to ourselves.

So You Think You’re Bubbly

Have you been told you have such a bubbly personality? If you have been told you have a bubbly personality you more than likely possess these traits :

  • You simply without force have an easy going personality. You’re a gentle spirit with almost an youthful appeal despite your age.
  • For the most part you’re optimistic in the way you see the world, challenges, and view others. You naturally and sometimes at fault see the best in others from the start.
  • You’re charismatic. It’s not fake or phony. It’s just you. People are drawn to your personality.
  • You embrace your silly side, and you have a sense of humor. You take advantage of appropriate moments to let loose having fun.
  • You have the ability to easily motivate yourself or self soothe from those bad days quicker than others.
  • You genuinely encourage, motivate, and inspire others to see the bright side of things.
  • You’re friendly for the most part even when you’re reserved. It’s a natural pleasant demeanor.
  • You’re a great verbal communicator, affectionate, giving, and open.

The qualities mentioned above about bubbly personalities are admirable for the most part by all. They’re the qualities that make bubbly personalities the sunshine of the universe. Like all personality types there’s the good, and I can say from first hand experience an alternative angle (I won’t say bad) that comes with having a bubbly personality. There are true realities of what we experiance in perception, in daily reactions, and from our own emotions in being the bubbly butterflies of the universe.

Here’s my take from first hand experiences from what bubbly personalities deal with behind the scenes.

  • You’re not allowed to have a “moment” like everyone else in frustration, anger, sadness, or any reaction from normal challenges or circumstances. It’s like if you act human in emotion to others you’re taking off an “imagery” masks of who you are. Who walks around with a permanent smile all the time right?
  • The pressure to people please is an ever present battle that you have to consciously make an effort not to do in conforming to the wants, needs, or pressures in not disappointing others.
  • You are naturally in tune to the atmosphere you enter, and you notice quickly the moods of the people you interact with. You feel it’s your responsibility to make things right, fix,, comfortable for all, and settled.
  • You’re the go to for dealing with difficult people or challenges that no one else wants to involve themselves with handling. We’re oftentimes thrown in the fire in situations at work with co-workers, clients, family members, or other to “tame” or cool down those who are difficult as if others hope what they “admire” about our qualities will rub off on the ones they don’t want to be bothered with. They selfishly have us entertain on their behalf.
  • Needy people, possessive, and domineering personalities draw to you as my mom would say “white on rice” projecting their issues on to you without thought. They pick up our need to help, care, solve, and make things better for the word around us. They oftentimes take advantage of our genuine nature of compassion, generosity, politeness, and extension of common courtesy using it for personal gain. Our energy is used as a temporary high or emotional bandaid for their deep seeded issues.
  • Being bubbly to some gives off the impression in being gullible, aloof, or as if you lack common sense of intelligence in use of discernment on matters. Just because I’m nice it doesn’t equal stupidity.
  • It can be a fight at times in establishing clear boundaries in making sure we’re not taken advantage of as a pushover or doormat.
  • We oftentimes hide our deepest emotions or suppress normal responses to difficult or challenging circumstances in almost a force “positive” way of handling matters to keep the smiling happy -go- lucky forever charm as a permanent fixture as the only “acceptable” way for us to be.
  • We find ourselves easily placed as the go to “pick me up friend” where most emotionally dump on us,the entertainment buddy, or use our energy as their personal refill while we’re fighting self-depletion of our own energy source.

Whew, that may have been a heavy pill to digest for others who may have observed us from afar, interact with us daily directly, or for many of us “bubblies” to honestly admit. There’s nothing wrong with having a bubbly personality. We have our strong points, and we have our weaker areas to work on like everyone else. There’s nothing like being who you naturally are without force, but learning some beneficial survival tips that bubbly personalities can use in keeping their light shining as it should in beaming effervescent is essential.

Keep Your Bubbly While Not Being Boxed In A Bubble

Keep your smile and maintain your joy which you naturally spread around in being a bubbly personality with the understanding that you too are human like everyone else. We’re not immune to having our “moments” in life in response to normal life’s situations of disappointments, frustrations, and everyday occurrences. We’re not robots or baby dolls having a permanent fixture in emotions. In all things respond from wisdom, guidance, and prayer from the Lord while still being who you are. Know that we don’t have to carry the burden of people pleasing, fixer uppers, or take on the responsibility of being the gatekeepers of everyone’s mood. You can be as “bubbly” as you want to be, but you don’t have to be a doormat, pushover, or be bullied to take anyone’s crap. You have every right to establish boundaries and maintain them. You can be bubbly and friendly yet call someone out without fear that it will ” tarnish” your “friendly” image. Know that opposites attract, but you don’t have to opening invite or entertain any relationship that is unhealthy or toxic. Notice what’s draining or overwhelming in preventing you from spreading your bubby depostion in bringing you down. Select friendships and relationships that can love, appericate, and accept all parts of you not just your fun loving bubby side.

Love your bubbly personality. Don’t allow anything to burst your bubble, and bring fourth your high-spirited light.

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