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Children Can Teach Us The Greatest Example of The Forgiving Heart

Children are the best silent role models in showing the purest example of forgiveness. Their innocence allows them to see faults simply as a mere flub.Children see misunderstandings as an opportunity to communicate in expression than a dead end deal of no return of ending a friendship.
They can fuss, pout, and have tears following an offense with a friend, but they some how find away to talk it out in relieving the tension in the atmosphere. Children have the brightest hope in giving their friend a second chance, and the most strong willed child will have the courage to ask for forgiveness in saying they are sorry in description of what they did in taking ownership.
As parents we teach our children how to navigate in the world, and we train them in handling conflicts with others. We can struggle at times to navigate ourselves in the world in handling conflicts and grievances even as believers. The bible speaks on how the children can lead us. We should take heed. Children in all their beauty and sometimes challenges can show us the truest example of God’s love of extending grace with a forgiving heart.

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