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This Joy I Have: Learning How To Embrace Joy!

   There was a song from my childhood that my late cousin Jerry would sing with a wide smile at our little family church in the back woods of Georgia entitled ” This Joy I Have.” The lyrics of the song resonates in my heart as loud as Jerry would sing having our  little church moving from side to side clapping in praise. 

” This joy I have the world didn’t give it to me. The world didn’t give it, and the world can’t take it away.”

 The song went on in every verse switching from joy as the main focus to peace, love, and praise before transitioning back to the chorus.  There are some things that money just can’t buy. Embracing joy is one of the most priceless treasures in life. My son said it best one day following one of our heart to heart discussions following class. I asked him what was the difference between joy and happiness. He said in his raspy adolescent voice “Happiness is temporary, and it doesn’t last long. Joy is a feeling that no matter what is going on you have it in your heart.”  

   We all want to live happy. However, happiness is a temporary moment based on situations and circumstance. I would be happy with a new car. I would be happy in cooking a successful meal that all six of us can eat at dinner with no one being picky. Many would be happy in having a successful career, being in a relationship, having the ideal fit body type, or winning the lottery. I won’t down play living a happy and healthy life. I will say that joy is  having a deeper sense of peaceful harmony within your mind, body, and spirit that the world and it’s circumstances can’t provide. There’s a comfort in contentment in adopting graditude as a lifestyle choice that embracing joy provides. There’s a comforting assurance in happy and sad times that God’s joy gives us that I have learned to embrace that helps me see things from a deeper spiritual prospective with embracing joy . 

Here are a few steps that you can use in reflection for embracing joy:

  •  Adopt the lifestyle mentality of gratitude is an attitude . 
  • Spend time exploring nature in some way shape or form to see the amazing wonder and beauty of the world . 
  • Volunteer and give of service directly or indirectly especially to those less fortunate .
  • Spread postive energy and vibes in your interactions and interpersonal relationships . 
  • Find something everyday to reflect upon that’s priceless that you thank God for . 
  • Choose to see the bigger picture or the bright side of things even in difficult times . 
  • Choose environments and relationships that are conducive in being in harmony and peace.
  • Find humor! A laugh a day will keep the frown away. Live, love, and laugh more. Smiles are underrated . 
  • Tap into your creative genius in exploring your talents and gifts.
  • Make time for a few minutes daily in reflection and meditation to calm your mind and spirit.
  • Pratice stress relieving exercises and techniques.

Remember that there are just somethings money can’t buy. Learning how to embrace joy in the fullest is a priceless treasure.


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