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Help For The Busy Bee 

    Busy Bee personalities are here, there, and everywhere. They refuse to focus on the development of cultivating healthy relationships, careers, and they move from place to place. They are in and out of projects never really making a significant achievement or mark in either. Their need to feel important or to prove self-worth has them fighting for a lead role or secondary lead role to any project, group, or auxiliaries for superficial needs for the cause. They are driven by the need to please, and they are driven by the need to be accepted. Busy Bees are dabblers of many but so not a master of any. They are often left feeling burnt-out, disappointed, and frustrated in feeling like they are going in circles. However, there is hope for the Busy Bees of our world. There’s hope for those of us who have a little bit of the Busy Bee personality inside of us to slow down, focus, and to actually get somethings accomplished successfully. Busy Bees can also have positive relationships and friendships that are life long and promising. Slow down Busy Bees, and let’s get it together!

Check out these helpful tips  for Busy Bee personalities in order to better prioritize and be successful all around. 

  • Set a clear priority list of what’s important to you in your life. Who’s more important? What’s most important to you? Also Why?
  • Know your worth. Never feel the need to prove yourself or your worth.
  • Take on projects and lead roles of responsibilities in stride. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!
  • Space out projects and ventures. Try not to involve yourself in back to back projects. 
  • Be sure to have a clear understanding of responsibilities, duties, and expectations before taking on any project or role. Be careful not to find yourself overwhelmed. 
  • Don’t be afraid to say “No” from requests. Your time, energy, and efforts have limitations. Honor that!
  • Stop people pleasing. Do what you like, and like what you do! 
  • Make sincere connections and relationships. Being genuine is priceless, and the rewards are life long in being unforgettable.
  • Find your tribe. Know that all settings, situations, and groups are not for you. 
  • Write down a list of your true interests and passions to focus on and cultivate. Having a diverse background of skills and hobbies is great, but narrow down to have a better success in results for your career and projects. 
  • Network with a purpose. Choose events and setting to meet others that relate closer to what you are doing and where you are trying to go. 
  • Get organized and stop winging it. Write it out, and plan it out. Pray, plan, and execute! 
  • In all you do make it count. Time is priceless and money has it’s limitations.  Make wise investments of your time and efforts.
  • Adopt self-care. Listen to your body and respect your time.
  • Never scarfice your integrity, character, or morals to push a head.

5 thoughts on “Help For The Busy Bee ”

  1. Oh, this is “so me” with this an adult. I could never zone in on a career. It is great to love being busy, but it has hindered me in many ways also. I loved my parents, but I was not taught anything concerning personalities. People know more now, and it is wonderful when they are put it into action.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading! I am a former busy bee. I can recall a period being here, there, and everywhere without anything being meaningful or having long lasting results. I made the decision to stop going in circles. I has helped making wiser choices, and not being afraid to say ” No” when it comes down to my interests and involvements. My friends are more meaningful and healthy as well.

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