Meet Minimarie 

Minimarie Andrews is a proud wife, and grateful mother of four including twin toddlers. She is also an educator in fine arts, speaker, host, and blogger in the journeys of motherhood and empowerment. She is a proud advocate for sickle cell and autism awareness. She shares insight of her life with balancing life as a caregiver with a spouse living with a chronic illness, being a parent with children with special needs, co-parenting,motherhood, and empowerment tips in living a purpose filled life with intention .

She is also a former radio host. Minimarie is very active in pursuing her purpose of encouraging, connecting, and inspiring others. She’s a sought after speaker and emcee for events on youth, women’s empowerment, and her two passions within advocacy with sickle cell & autism awareness. She shares additionally in connecting with others through sharing their stories of inspiration with her web series show Girl Talk with Purpose.

Her mission is to inspire others through living with intention along with cultivating healthy families. She knows that all families differ in structure, dynamics, challenges, and circumstances, but can still grow into having purpose centered homes. Purpose Filled Mommy is here to especially encourage and inspire those families who deal with similar circumstances such as co-parenting, coping with a spouse living with a chronic illness, and raising children with special needs. Motherhood is an unpredictable journey, but it’s great to know you’re not alone. Children are a joy, but raising them can be a handful. Join us for a inspiration, helpful tips, fun, and more. Follow her through her blog as she connects dots of faith, empowering families, how to cope as families when handling major challenges, and living life with purpose.