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Just When You Need It

I am not the fondest of unexpected guests dropping by my home unannounced, but I was pleasantly surprised to have my two best friends to stop by recently one evening when they couldn’t reach me. It’s like God knew not only what I needed, but who I needed in the right moment just to feel the existence of his love.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Guard Your Heart

Each one of us has a unique story along with having various other details about our personal lives that we have a choice to disclose. Depending on our personalities and preferences some of us are more transparent naturally in sharing with others. I am for the most part an open person, but I have learned that even in openness that we should guard our hearts in protecting our stories in journey.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Name Calling : Remember You’re A Child Of God

The immaturity of name calling is loosely associated with the behavior of children on the playground. I recall my adolescent years in middle school where there would be neighborhood jiving contests in which the most hilarious blow towards another person would bring upon an eruption of loud " Ooh ooh" from those of us surrounding… Continue reading Name Calling : Remember You’re A Child Of God

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Stop Ruminating In Trusting With God: Let It Go!

I told my little strong willed daughter to let it go after we walked to the car to leave our one on one walk after an incident on the playground when an impromptu playmate decided to act unfairly in a tag game they were playing together. My daughter kept looking back yelling," Not fair, you cheated!" I shared with her that it was just a game, and I advised her to move on. She couldn't help but look back with tears in being so upset continuing to repeat the same action until we made it to the car. There are times in our walk with God where some trivial action takes place that for the life of us we can't let it go in ruminating over the situation instead of moving forward.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Finish What You Started :Come Back Home :

My intentions were extended from a short break to a few months in a longer hiatus in seeing how quickly things can plie up in ongoing mundane tasks, distractions, family urgencies, and later excuses. There may times when we feel like we've fell to far off the wagon to a place of no return, but we thankfully serve a loving God who says it's never to late to come back home in finishing what he manifested in us to do.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Stop Hiding : The Enemy’s Tool of Isolation

I'm sure many moms would agree to needing a little alone time to gather their bearings. I'm all for alone time in admitting that the ambivert in me can use an interaction break occasionally, but there is a big difference in totally isolating yourself in an attempt to recluse. Isolation is a strategic tactic that the devil uses to have us ball up into hiding when we feel ashamed, defeated attacked, and scared. We most hold true in understanding the depths of God's mercy knowing nothing can separate us from his love.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

We’re Going To The Beach! : Growing In Patience

I reminisce often about a paper my daughter wrote a few years back desperately wanting to visit the beach. She shared in her paper that if she could go anywhere in the world it would be seaside with her toes in the sand. She could hardly wait to the point that her anxiousness lead to… Continue reading We’re Going To The Beach! : Growing In Patience

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Rest, Come, and Connect With Me: Strengthening Your Prayer Life

I awoke this morning to discover a little 7 year old drifter coming in my bedroom for one on one while her siblings were still asleep in their beds. She just wanted to connect undisturbed, and I could feel while she was in my arms a release from morning  anxiousness. There is an immediate urge within our spirits when find ourselves going too far along without connecting to God as our power source wholeheartedly. 

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Don’t Take The Bait : Keeping Your Cool

The kids and I are going fishing together for the first time. My youngest daughter wanted to know why some fish get caught, and why other fish don't. I shared that the fish that aren't so easily caught are smart enough to recognize the bait. The same applies in real life scenarios that we face as believers in tests of  being baited into conflict, enticed in coming out of character, and being pressured to engage in brutish behavior towards others is being able to recognize the bait that is being thrown in not taking it in.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Trusting God: Thanks For Looking Out

I reflect sometimes from days growing up from the guidance, instruction, and occasional discipline giving to me by my parents and grandparents thinking how although at the time I sulked in being in my feelings that they were actually looking out for me. My children give me the same facial impressions I gave my parents… Continue reading Trusting God: Thanks For Looking Out

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

When Helping Hurts : A Divine Referral In Intervention

There will be times that we may feel like we're going in circles in helping others who refuse to meet us halfway, but know we serve a mighty God that can handle helping us all ensuring that he gets the glory for deliverance in the situation at hand.

Mom Motivation And Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Don’t Fear The Next Level

Many of us hate changing from our norm in growing comfortable with staying stagnate in not wanting to rock our boats from security, but God has the final say so in being the head coach of our lives in taking us to the next level in the season of his choosing.

Mom Motivation And Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Handling Distractions

Life will always have something going on in one fashion or another to throw us off focus with distractions. God never promised that we wouldn't encounter distractions, but the word of God is a blueprint to reel us back in line with organizing our priorities.

Mom Motivation And Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

The Real Glow Up: Building Your Relationship with God

I personally enjoy seeing people reflect on how far they've matured, look youthful in appearance despite a decade, or be in a happier place within their spirit in glowing. I however know that what the world may view as a glow up of outer beauty compares to nothing of the spiritual glow up that only developing a relationship with Christ can give that radiates from the inside out.

Being Authentic, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Thanks For The Flowers Now!

I was always told my great grandmother Addie Sue was a true character in personality. One of her most famous quotes that has been passed down throughout the family as being told by my mother was," Give me my flowers now while I can smell them, and not when I 'm gone." I never met… Continue reading Thanks For The Flowers Now!

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Celebrate Your Growth: Recognize Triggers From Your Past

My son did the biggest 180 from being a mischievousness busybody that kept me on my toes from mishaps at school to being a solid honor roll student,evening out his temperament, and he's always talking about the future in attending college. He discuses often with me in sharing his growth saying, " Mama, I was… Continue reading Celebrate Your Growth: Recognize Triggers From Your Past

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

How Can You Get Mad At Your Own Mess?

My daughters and I headed out the door to jump in the car to leave for the gym. One of my seven year old twins said " Eww, the car is a mess! " as she opened to door to get in the backseat to strap in her car seat. I took a peep to… Continue reading How Can You Get Mad At Your Own Mess?

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

The Lord Is Certain: A Consistent Love In A Fickled World

I'm a mom with a preteen daughter and a teenage son in the house. We together try to grasp their ever changing hormones and mood swings as they grow into becoming their own. There are days as a mom I have whiplash from adjusting to my teens' fickleness in their attitude. Motherhood can be fickled.… Continue reading The Lord Is Certain: A Consistent Love In A Fickled World