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The Gift Of Goodbye

The journey of life will bring about many connections in relationships. There will be some relationships that will last a lifetime, but there will be other relationships in which God will deem that have ran their course. The "gift of goodbye" allows you to take in each encounter as a blessing or lesson from God… Continue reading The Gift Of Goodbye

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7 Simple Tips To Embrace Self-Love

We have the innate ability as women and mothers to pour into others in giving support, encouragement, and comfort through love. We must keep a healthy balance of sharing our love towards others as we do in showing love for ourselves by embracing self-love.

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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: How My Son Broke Down The Meaning Of Joy

My son and I had a discussion on the difference between being happy and having joy. I often say the phrase, "Out of the mouths of babes", in reference to the amazing things that children speak into existence . Children can say the most intriguing in thought provoking words to  describe life. They use their creative… Continue reading Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: How My Son Broke Down The Meaning Of Joy

Being Authentic, Embracing Joy

Making The Decision To Be Happy

  The decision to be happy and have the peace of joy is up to us. Many times we place the responsibility on others to do it for us. We soon become hurt and disappointed when things don't go as expected. It is unfair to give that responsibility to others, and we also set ourselves… Continue reading Making The Decision To Be Happy

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Seize The Moment 

    I promised myself that this year I was going to take advantage of seeing the 7 Wonders of Georgia some how or some way. Who knew that it was actually 7 Wonders of Georgia to discover? Well if you didn't know like me we discovered it together! I enjoy being in nature; I… Continue reading Seize The Moment 

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Frick & Frack : A Forever Bond 

   I remember our side eyed connection that we shared growing up as children when we were both laughing from the inside about something. We definitely wouldn't share our inside joke outwardly from the fear of getting into trouble by our mother from our father's hilarious antics at the dinner table for our annual Friday night family… Continue reading Frick & Frack : A Forever Bond