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Rejection Broken Down 3 Ways

We don't openly share about rejection due to the fact that oftentimes we see rejection as a personal attack, a rub against our ego, and a measure of adequacy. In truth there, are three ways to look at rejection in growing both spiritually, emotionally, professionally without taking it as personal defeat. Rejection For Your Protection… Continue reading Rejection Broken Down 3 Ways

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The Other New Year: My After 30 Vibe

I shared the blessing in celebrating another year on earth recently. There was something totally different I felt in my core about this birthday that was a different sort of vibe than I've ever felt in welcoming another year here on earth. I think it was a mixture of emotions that we all have experienced… Continue reading The Other New Year: My After 30 Vibe

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Purge The Grudge: Steps Towards Healing And Forgiveness

There's nothing worse than that gut turning feeling that nags at your spirit that reminds you that you haven't fully healed or let go of a negative experience or a past offense. Holding on to a grudge is damaging inside and out. Saying that you've forgiven someone, but living in bitterness can feel like your… Continue reading Purge The Grudge: Steps Towards Healing And Forgiveness

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7 Places to Find Inspiration When Fighting Blogger’s Block!đź’™

I really enjoyed this blog post, and found a little inspiration for myself in getting out of a bad rut. Blogger's block can happen to the best of us. However, your passion is your purpose. If you enjoy blogging regardless of the number of followers you have don't stop. Blog life is like a public… Continue reading 7 Places to Find Inspiration When Fighting Blogger’s Block!đź’™

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Life Lessons From My Sassy Strong -Willed Child  

Minimarie Andrews

Let’s face it, the strong – willed child can sometimes catch a bad rap for their quirky personalities. Yes, I can admit in saying that they can be a handful and stubborn at times. I have a strong- willed four year old who marches to the beat of her own drum, and I lovingly embrace it. I watch Payton in her tenacious spirit from afar seeing how she creates her own lane withinour brood of young ones. Her strength in pushing the limits in exploring adventures along with voicing her opinion keeps us all on our toes. You don’t have to guess how Payton is feeling just take a look at her face. She’s equally loving as she is feisty in personality.She’s protective of others in a nurturing way. Payton is my dependable helper although she is the baby by a one minute default in birth with her…

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Defying The Odds Of Autism with Cre Stokes

It's essential for parents of autistic children to connect with other parents with similar stories who can be of support, a listening ear without judgement, and be of encouragement. I found that in meeting Cre Stokes, who is a fellow autism mom. She was inspired by a photo shoot with her daughter Harmony to organize… Continue reading Defying The Odds Of Autism with Cre Stokes

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Don’t Burst Your Bubble: The Other Side Of Bubbly Personalities

Bubbly personalities have an intriguing appeal to most in being friendly, perky, contagiously happy, and very optimistic. I've been told that I have a bubbly personality, for which I take as a compliment. There's another side in having a bubbly personality that can feel daunting in perception with accommodating everyone else's behavioral needs, expectations, and… Continue reading Don’t Burst Your Bubble: The Other Side Of Bubbly Personalities

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Was It Just A Spill ?

 The power of projection of what we show in communicating with our children can have adverse effects of loving guidance when we lash out in simple mishaps from deep rooted frustration from other issues of concerns towards them.Children should never be forced to carry the load of our heavy burdens while still trying to discover the world themselves.

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7 Simple Tips To Embrace Self-Love

We have the innate ability as women and mothers to pour into others in giving support, encouragement, and comfort through love. We must keep a healthy balance of sharing our love towards others as we do in showing love for ourselves by embracing self-love.

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Women IN Purpose : Soul Sisters Of Service

I have always admired women who were privileged to connect in sharing a vision of service through partnership."Women who empower women," is not just a catch phrase it's the life's work within the mission of  Jennie Walker and Patrice Canty's purpose for Women IN Purpose.

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Knowing Your Identity: The Mirror View

There maybe seasons in our lives where we feel lost in confusion in questioning who we are as believers, perplexed within a our role as women, and shaky in knowing our true purpose on earth.  We balance so many roles  as women within our families, relationships, career, friendships, and other areas in our lives that pose daily tests in which we have to be strong in being fearless through Christ in overcoming saying boldly," I know who I am !"    

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The Survival Guide For When Moms Have A Bad Day

Motivation for when were having one of those rough days.

Minimarie Andrews

  We’ve all had those days where things simply put us in a big funk. It reminds me of the author Judith Viorst’s children’s book “Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” For some reason our hair didn’t come out right despite our prep efforts. The children seem to be on level 5 alert at home with energy, or they are staring at you like you’re speaking martian. We planned it all out, but we couldn’t do all that we initially planned for in our day. Matter of fact ,we were not even close! Our car decided of all days to choose this day to give us trouble. “Oh No,” here comes our toxic co-worker with one more layer of drama or shady comment. Not to mention, we gave several reminders, but the one chore that we asked to be done to make our day a little…

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Separate But Never Apart : My Story As A Non- Custodial Mom

Every mother's situation is different in regards to making the decision to not be the primary guardian of having her child live full- time in her home. I never thought that I would've made the difficult decision as a mother for our son to live with his father, but it was a decision that actually benefited our son immensely while strengthening our relationship.

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Kicking The Step Out Of Mom With Author Elizabeth Grissett Daniels

Author, Elizabeth Grissett Daniels' book " Kicking the Step Out Of Mom" debunks the stigmas associated with the women in our lives we call stepmoms, and she gives encouraging guidance for women in blending families in how to be loving mothers while navigating as blended families . I had the pleasure to sit down with Elizabeth in sharing her prospective on helpful tips on the subjects of co-parenting peacefully and respectfully with mothers within blended families.

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Breaking Bad: A Change For The Better

Let's take the plunge in recognizing our weak points in growing closer to God, having centered families, cultivating well-balanced relationships, and walking boldly in our purpose.  It takes much courage in recognizing to make the active change regarding our shortcomings, but God sent his son as our Savior for hope in guiding us in following through.  

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Remove, Rebuild, and Restore :The Uneasy Process of Evolving 

Minimarie Andrews

I took a step back after the holidays to really look back at my life in reflecting on what all transpired in placing me where I am in this present time. Like everyone else I’ve had some amazing highs, but in truth there were some of the lowest of the lows in repeated cycles for which I knew I had to make a change. It may be weird to some, but cleaning is my therapy. I prefer to clean alone with my favorite inspirational music blasting while I am tackling the dirtiest of the dirtiest in some of the messy antics that my children make here at home. I need all the inspirational music I can when I take on the children’s bathroom! One day in particular while I was cleaning after a season of weird flip flops in growing my business, meeting new people in the whole “networking” scenario…

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Fighting Flight

Great read for when you feel like calling it quits, throwing in the towel, or lacing up your tennis shoes when facing adversity. Learn how to stop running away from your problems, and stay firm trusting in the Lord.

Minimarie Andrews

My daughter shared in her first experience of dance camp to kick off summer break. It has been awhile since she attended this particular dance studio, but she was familiar since she was a former student. The owner and instructor knew her very well. The instructor has always treated my family kindly. I could see following the first day after I picked her up she was a bit flustered. Many of the other girls were acquainted with one another from the past dance season. I could see our daughter’s nervousness in being for what she considered the new kid on the block. She mentioned the following day that one of her peers said something that hurt her feelings. I asked her did she enjoy dance camp she shared that she wanted to continue? I picked her up following teaching a dance class myself for which I could admit I was…

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Family Tests

 Many us see pristine family photos online of happy families. Those images don't accurately depict what may be going on behind the scenes. Those images don't accurately depict what many of us have experienced growing up or what we may be experiencing within our families at this given time. We may find ourselves within moments… Continue reading Family Tests

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The Beautiful Complexity of Friendship in Motherhood 

Minimarie Andrews

The ability to have friends and maintaining healthy friendships doesn’t stop after we become mothers. There will be obvious changes in the various transitions throughout our motherhood journey for first time moms,those of us who are in the trenches with young active kiddos, and those of us who are mature moms with teens and young adults. Our relationships and friendships evlove naturally as we’re evolving. Just because we become mothers it doesn’t mean that we cut out the possibility of God sending us enriching friendships that will enhance this unpredictable journey in motherhood that makes this time a little bit more meaningful.

Where My People At ?

I honestly didn’t have any “Mommy friends ” until my eldest child was almost ten years old! My two closest friends for years were both single and living at home with their parents. I have been on my own since the age of…

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