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Allowing Our Children To Help Isn’t An Inconvenience

Every perfectionist or do it all by themselves mom will admit that we occasionally have a cringe moment when our children attempt to jump in to lend a helping hand. It's not like we don't want our children to help out, but our stubbornness in having things specifically our way can sometimes get the best… Continue reading Allowing Our Children To Help Isn’t An Inconvenience

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 Good Parent Vs  Bad Parent : The Unfair Comparison 

     Divorce has away of making people choose a side of who's the better parent in the equation.We spend thousands of dollars on attorneys and court fees in custody battles to prove which parent is more fit in being the primary guardian for the child (ren). I've always felt torn in split expectations, judgments,… Continue reading  Good Parent Vs  Bad Parent : The Unfair Comparison 

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They Said What! : How To Stop Worrying About What Others Say For The Sensitive Soul

ome of us can't hide it. We are simply sensitive people. Guess what? Being sensitive isn't nothing to be ashamed of . Sensitive people are not professional whinny dolls who drop bucket loads of tears after the slightest offense! Those of us who are naturally sensitive are very in tune with the world around us within everyday responses and interactions. It's how we respond or should I say not respond to those everyday interactions that helps us better control the beauty of our sensitivity rather than letting our emotions take over our lives in controlling us.

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You’re Going To The Beach!

Il Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight. My daughter wrote a paper last week about how much she wanted to go to the beach. In her paper she said that if she could go anywhere in the world she would choose the beach shore because to her it's the next best… Continue reading You’re Going To The Beach!