I am a wife and mother of four kiddos. I am also a mother of twin toddlers. I balance in my role as a wife and mother additionally having a toddler with autism, and daily as a family we cope with living with sickle cell. Motherhood and more is what this blog is all about. Yes, we can connect with each other through motherhood, however we can share in even deeper connection through our life experiences.  We can connect through our trials and errors. We can connect in celebrating our victories, and comfort one another from our failures.  We can connect through our interpersonal relationships about our interactions and relationships with others. Empowering others in their endeavours to step out on faith to walk in their purpose is a personal passion and ministry that I hold dear. We can connect through encouragement through our faith. It’s a pleasure to connect with you as I share transparently my life’s story.
             Your’s Truly,


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