Mom Connection With Minimarie

Hi, I’m Minimarie. I’m a mother of four kiddos. I am also a mother of twins. I additionally share being a special needs caregiver of my twin daughter who has ASD autism. Motherhood and more is what this blog is all about. Yes, we can connect with each other through motherhood, however we can share in even deeper connection through our life’s experiences. We can connect through our trials and errors. We can connect in celebrating our victories, and comfort one another from our failures. We can gain helpful insight by strengthening our interpersonal relationships in our daily interactions with others. Empowering others in their endeavors to step out on faith, to walk in their purpose, and along with helping cultivate healthy families is a personal passion that I hold dear. We can connect through encouragement with our faith. Family is the centerpiece that holds the key for our generations to come. Friendship is one of the many joys in life. Faith, family, and friends is more than a saying for me it’s the core of what I hold dear in my life. It’s my pleasure to connect with you as I share transparently my life’s story, the story of inspirational women and mothers, and helpful tips on how to embrace joy while living intentional through purpose.

All Love,

Minimarie Andrews