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The Blessing of A Do Over :The God of Second A Second Chance

I relished as a child, the opportunity to have a do over at home plate in kickball when things didn’t go as planned with the first attempt at a kick. There could be many mishaps that could throw you off your game as you went to the plate with the hopes of kicking a ball in making a home run. None of us are immune to our human nature in falling short. There is a blessing as a believer in Christ that we get through grace a do over for a second chance.

Street Ball

I can remember growing up in Augusta, Georgia playing kickball after school on our dead end street of 14th Ave with any ball we could find! My late childhood friend Roscoe would always pitch the ball super fast to throw us off our game. Roscoe could roll the ball at lightning spread causing us to slip in attempting to kick, make a foul, or miss the ball altogether. However, there was always one child to act as the referee to call out any mishap or foul play to provide a do over to the kicker. Life can be just as unpredictable with unfortunate events, bad decisions, failures, and unforeseen losses to throw us off our game. I had some “can’t get it right ” seasons where I wanted to throw in the towel because I was always harder on myself than anyone could be if I failed, made a mistake, or things went totally left field from my initial plans. I can now attest that in those Job seasons in life, God always provided a second chance with things later working out for my good.

A Fresh Start

I know as a mother, my children despite my guidance will make occasionally not the best choices in disobedience, and those are the moments that I allow to be teachable in sharing wisdom to them. My children know that mom won’t hold those mistakes or decisions against them.There are moments as a mother that I have my slip ups, and I’m grateful that my kiddos throw mom a little grace with a fresh start in not holding those moments against me. Our home is far from perfect as we are imperfect beings, but I strive to create a tone in our home of love in offering forgiveness. I’ve experienced that we can come back from any setback if we so choose in taking ownership, make time for reflection, grow in self-discipline, and open ourselves up to grow in love. Sometimes we won’t get it right the first time, the second time, and there may be a few falls after that, but there is always a chance in serving Christ to get it right. May God renew you and your spirit with a fresh start in new beautiful beginnings. Each day is a new day! Be blessed beautiful people!

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