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Trusting God: Thanks For Looking Out

I reflect sometimes from days growing up from the guidance, instruction, and occasional discipline given to me by my parents and grandparents thinking how at the time I sulked in being in my feelings. They were actually looking out for me. My children give me the same facial impressions I gave my parents in not fully understanding that sometimes “No” is for their protection. There are times when we allow our emotions to get the best of us, we allow our faith to get shaky when things don’t necessarily go as planned, but when we look back at many of those times when things didn’t go our way thankfully later seeing that God was actually looking out for us. 

Psalm 121 : 7-8

7 The Lord will keep you from all harm—
    he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.

I Get It Now
I don’t believe that we serve a God that intentionally wants us to live in pain, misery, or inflicts us with setbacks just because he’s the all mighty in sitting back watching us wallow in discomfort aimlessly while eating popcorn. I find comfort in knowing that anything I’ve been through God foreseen it in ensuring that I would by his grace pull through in growing closer to Christ. There are times I hear my son mention that he was happy that something didn’t work the way he thought because later he experienced something better. He may have pouted at the time, but he later got the gist of the greater propose.

Thanks For Looking Out

It can be a little more challenging when it’s a harder blow of a lost, rejection, or what appears at the time a wonderful opportunity. There were times that I thought I really wanted something, but I later had to admit that I wasn’t mature to handle it in being thankful that God’s timing didn’t allow me to have what I wanted, so I wouldn’t mishandle a blessing. I look back at some friendships that I wouldn’t have expected to go south. I saw later that God was looking out for my good in knowing their true character, nature, and intentions were not a good fit for me. I look back at some job interviews and other hopeful ventures that I wanted so bad in which I never received a call back, but later I saw that those rejections lead to more solid opportunities that were even better than what I thought I wanted. I look back at times where I was hard headed in thinking I knew what love was in being all googly-eyed and smitten in later seeing God was actually sending me red flags. I was determined to have things go my way that I later wished I was more attentive to in following through earlier when the curtains were lifted on the relationship’s authenticity . There’s a song by Kirk Franklin that gives me comfort in bittersweet moments that later made sense called, ” Just For Me” in sharing how at times life can have bittersweet moments, yet we later see that God was actually looking out for us.

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