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In Due Time : Wait On The Lord

There are times where I must admit that I find humor in thanking God that he didn’t waste the energy on centering things in my life by my timing. The older I mature with age my once eagerness in wishing things to happen immediately has grown into developing more patience in life. I wait in faith with the understanding that in due time God will lay before his plans for my life that will exceed my expectations. I must admit that I’ve had my moments like a pouting child where I felt like in a particular scenario I wanted things to align specifically for my convenience, but I’ve been later convicted in seeing how while I was acting in rush that God was all the while working things out in his timing for my God.

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and never grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40: 31

Good Things Take Time

My dearest girlfriend sent me an elated text of joy in sharing that she landed her dream job after years of searching. I was so happy for my friend’s new position. We’ve been friends since second grade in having an opening dialogue of every milestone in our lives together including careers. I knew the years she diligently worked a job completely outside of her field in waiting for a position that combined her passion, education, and experience. My dear friend and I both would have occasionally conversations about us longing to find careers for growth for our lives in breaking away from dead end routines from where we were at time. We both shared happily via text how God’s perfect timing worked everything out for the both of us within our personal lives, financially, and within finding careers in our respective seasons.

The Gift Of Grace & Time For Our Children

I truly learned about time, patience, and grace as a mother of four children. My children aren’t aware how in subtle ways each of their actions bring little glimmers of faith strengthening nuggets that I often reflect on. My son is the oldest of my brood. He also his teachers and I the biggest pushbacks with his adventurousness, strong-willed personality, and energetic spirit. I prayed to God in asking how to raise a leader who could be true to himself with his strengths, yet see my son mold his gifts into being a well rounded young man. The hardest decision I ever made as a mother was to have my son live with my ex- husband when he was an adolescent. I prayed deeply before making such a hard decision, and I knew I would be heavily criticized by many moms, especially as family blogger. I saw though in due time with prayer, co-parenting in peace, and consistancy from all parties how our son improved tremendously overall. It didn’t matter what anyone else had to say in walking in obedience by God as a mother trusting through faith God’s timing with the results. I didn’t want my daughter to be lost in the shuffle of the big personality of her brother and the busyiness in need for the twins. I waited in watching her on the sidelines through prayer in hopes she’ll find her way in standing out in being true to herself in the midst. She’s learned how to balance her introverted personality into tapping into the arts through expression. I wanted to take my twins home like any mother after giving birth. I knew however that God’s covering, protection, and healing for strength was needed in our 3 1/2 month NICU stay. They have been healthy busybodies ever since.

Know that God’s timing is always perfect. I pray in moments of feeling frustrated, fear, and failure that you strengthen your faith knowing that he is working things out for your good in due time.

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