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7 Places to Find Inspiration When Fighting Blogger’s Block!đź’™

I really enjoyed this blog post, and found a little inspiration for myself in getting out of a bad rut. Blogger’s block can happen to the best of us. However, your passion is your purpose. If you enjoy blogging regardless of the number of followers you have don’t stop. Blog life is like a public journal for me in which I express myself through thought, real life experiences, and helpful tips that actually get me motivated in living purpose filled. I’m still learning blog life, but I do like it a lot. Sometimes we have so many things coming at us at once, distractions, unexpected shake ups, and racing thoughts from each of those experiences that it’s hard to focus in putting it all together in written form. Hey, it could just be me that way in fighting the battle of being unmotivated at times. Get out of that funk ( talking to myself as well), and share your passion through purpose to the world. Great blog post! Be blessed.

Please check out this blog post from one of my favorite bloggers.

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