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Wild Card Questions : Get To Know Minimarie

Blogging is all about sharing and connecting with others. I feel honored to have met so many amazing people through my blog, conducting interviews, and through interactions in being an event host. It easier for me to sit and listening to others share about themselves than it is for me in sharing about myself believe it or not. I’ve composed a few “wild card” questions given by friends, family, and some inbox wild card questions from some supportive followers to share a little bit more about me in a lighthearted way. Let’s have some fun!

The Basics
I’m a hometown girl that matriculated from grade school through undergrad and beyond in “The Garden City ” of Augusta, G.A. Oh, we are a family who loves our hometown hero the legendary James Brown! I grew up downtown in the intercity, but I’m a country girl at heart. My grandparents would take us to rural Waynesboro, G.A. in the boondocks every other Sunday for worship, and fellowship with family. I guess you can say that I’m a mixture of loving the busyness of city life, and a long country dirt road with red Georgia clay. I relocated to my hometown a few years back following my divorce starting over from scratch with my son. I met my husband a few months later, and we have been together ever since. We now share in our brood four children. We have one son, and three daughters. Yeah, that was a big change in growing up as the only girl. Our home is estrogen overload! We do our best to balance our blended family with love, compassion, forgiveness, and humor .

Here are the questions that were sent in that made me laugh, cringe, and were insightful that helped me get to know myself a little more as well. Here are the wild card questions ?

Are you all finished with growing your brood with adding more kiddos?

My comfort zone growing up was being surrounded by boys, and I was so happy to share in having a son as my first born child. We later had a beautiful baby girl, and I called them both my “dream team” because we had a son and daughter. We decided to try for one more, and we had twins! I would love to bring one more son in the mix, but after having twins I think I’m good in feeling blessed with what we already have.

Is it hard having twins?

Is that a trick question ? In truth, it depends on the day with my two busybodies. We have or own little system as a family at home, and our home is set up for them . It can be busy, but it was not as bad as I thought it would when I was shocked to discover I was expecting twins. The twins pretty much entertain themselves or each other when then are not with us. It’s actually harder when we’re away from home, and we’re out and about . You get stopped a million times at stores with twin toddlers. I’m sure it will fade as they get older.

Which of your children shares more in having your personality traits ?

They have some personality traits from both parents such as a look, walk, or away about them. I can say that each reminds me at times of different phases from when I was growing up. My son has my energy, and zeal to study why things are the way they are. My eldest daughter brings me back to my elementary days in being a tad shy, but will shock you if giving the opportunity to put her gifts and talents on full display. She comes out of her shell on stage. My twin daughter Paris favors me the most in appearance. Her twin sister Payton has her own unique flair for style, confidence, and a “sweet and sassy” charming way that I see a little of ” Mama” inside of her.

What was your most embarrassing moment that you experienced since becoming a parent ?

I have to many to name. Parenting can kind of put you on the spot at any given moment with something funny or embarrassing. I do recall a family trip to Myrtle Beach during the Thanksgiving holidays when the twins were a few months old. It was much colder than what we had anticipated, and we had to walk outdoors to enter our hotel room against the elements. The kids all wanted to go to the indoor pool to swim, and I knew my husband was not going out to walk in the cold. I took the oldest two in a rush to visit the pool before it closed. I made the mistake in pulling down my snug leggings to reveal my two piece, and pulled down by accident my swimsuit in exposing my “bottom” to whoever was sitting behind me. Yup, they saw my “sunshine” for 2 seconds, and I was so embarrassed! My face was bright red as a beet, and I wanted to drive the 3 1/2 hours back home. I stayed though allowing the kids to have fun with a cover over my head and shades in the dark! LOL

What would be the ultimate family vacation?

I would love to take the kids on a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safaris for a week. I watched a review on the Travel Channel , and I fell in love with how real it was in visiting a true African Safari. My family would really enjoy visiting there.

When was the last time you had a date night? What would be your ultimate date night as a couple?

We so need a date night! We haven’t had a real date night for sometime. I would love to go for a romantic weekend instead. I would like for us to spend a short weekend / extended date night to our home away from to Savannah ,Ga exploring River Street or a short drive to Columbia S.C. to visit one of over favorite restaurants Rioz. We love that Brazilian steakhouse.

How do you balance it all with blogging, being active in your community, working, and family?

Family is always first. It’s not easy at all, and I also balance co-parenting with my son. I try to work on projects during my down time such as blogs, editing videos, and I schedule carefully community projects. I make sure that we have family time such as movie nights at home, family meetings, and park days.  It may seem like I do a lot, but I have learned to say “No” if I find myself in a hectic week. Scheduling is key for sure!

What would you change about the world?

I know it sounds corny, but I do wish for more harmony in this world in being able to accept each others’ differences. There is so much hate, dissension, and conflict in our country right now that pour right back into our families. Our children see and are influenced by all that is on the news and social media. I also wish not just in third world countries, but here in the United States to that all were afford despite their economic status quality education. There is a big gap and a difference in our educational system with those that have and those who are less fortunate.

What would be your supermom power?

My supermom power would be to master doing the laundry in less time and with no frustration. I hate the laundry it’s like a never ending task as a mom. In all seriousness, my superpower would be to protect my children at all times from hurt, pain, and danger. However, I know the Lord watches over them when mom can’t.

Thanks for emailing your questions. Feel free to email more ” Wild Card ” questions at

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