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Find Your Power

The feeling like I had to constantly adjust myself in accommodation for other people’s convenience took a toll on me after awhile. The disease to please was starting to wreak havoc internally. The fear of stepping outside of the box that was set for me along with the fear of the perception of being labeled the ” bad guy” if I spoke up for myself, took a stand, or shared my truth felt like I was in a walking prison. I broke the spell that had been instilled in me as little girl to always put others thoughts, opinions, and needs above that of my own. I stopped trying to fit in or prove my worth in settings that I later realized weren’t for me. I stopped making accommodations to “fix” or “turn down” myself to make others feel comfortable due to their insecurities, judgements, or hang ups. I made the decision to release the need to seek validation of who I was by owning my identity. I begin to search from within my worth. There was an evolution growing inside of me after my 32nd birthday. I never looked back once I walked away from situations that threatened my peace. There was a freedom that I felt inside once I healed from hurt. I removed the bitterness in my heart that was left from pain. I walked away from whatever tried to smother me in taking my power of free will. I begin to hear my inner voice. There was a trust in that voice in making decisions that was best for me and my family. I found the beauty in tapping into my power, and I wasn’t going to give it back.

Giving others the power to control your being is a life wasted. No one but God should have the power and authority to dictate our lives. We should never give anyone the power of authority to see their vision of who we are above our own. No one can’t dictate to us our worth. Being respectfully assertive is a right. It’s a freedom, and nothing should be allowed to make us feel imprisoned in being true to our authenticity. It’s a release to find your power within. Letting go of being controlled by guilt, shame, and being able to recognize manipulation at it’s beginning is a rebirth through discernment. Get your power back. We own our peace when we own our power. The light bulb will click inside not of arrogance, pride, ego, self- centeredness, being combative, or aggressive. Our light of our inner glow will be of an unwavering confidence that can’t be moved by fear of what others thoughts and actions of others. It can’t be shaking by the fear of rejection. It can’t be modified in order to hide negative feedback from naysayers or those who were comfortable in you being a puppet in their play. You are you for a reason. Own it, and own your power.

Get Your Power Back & Don’t Ever Search For It Again:

  • Stop seeking validation from others.
  • Know your identity, and don’t allow it to be defined by external circumstances or factors.
  • Set clear boundaries.
  • Empress your uniqueness.
  • Break the disease to please.
  • Stop taking on others emotions and over apologizing of things that’s not your fault.
  • Trust your intuition, and be open to being guided by discernment.
  • Own your greatness within without feeling easily intimated.
  • Be authentic and not a copy.
  • Make choices and decisions for yourself.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Be the voice of yourself without allowing others to speak for you .
  • Create a list of your top fears, and make a 6 months bucket list to conquer each one.
  • Own your truth without being easily pressured to join the bandwagon.
  • Be selective of your inner circle by cultivating a true supportive tribe.
  • Learn the art in saying “No” especially if you really don’t want to do something.
  • Grow in self- awareness by being in tune, and listen to your inner voice.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up and take a stand.
  • Control your emotions, and don’t let your emotions control you!
  • Choose to heal and forgive.
  • Stop turning “you” down, and let your light shine.
  • Be kind, courtesy, and respectful, but stop being over accommodating.
  • Love and respect yourself enough to stop being a convenience.

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