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Twins Serving For Purpose

   The hurricane season hit the southeast region pretty hard. Hurricane Matthew did a lot of damage to the Georgia and South Carolina coastal regions. We had many  people to enter our city to evacuate from the hurricane for an  abrupt relocation  from their homes for shelter that had to wait it out at local high schools temporarily. I met Tiffany Bussey and her twin daughters Tayla and Maya while volunteering at a local high school designated as a shelter. Many local businesses and kindhearted people donated water, clothes, and items needed to make our guests feel welcomed in our Garden City. Many like us also donated their time and service to help out in some way for support. We all found ourselves working in a quad that was designated as the children’s area .It was great to catch up with the family again!

The room looked ram shackled by toys and paint. Most wanted to help in areas that had nothing to do with kiddie activities. I myself worried what was I going to do, and I wondered if any other volunteers were on the way to help in this unpredictable circumstance. Later, walked in a strong mother with an eye of determination to handle business. She looked warm, but she also looked firm as if she didn’t play the record with any nonsense. She had in tow her twin daughters who were bright-eyed and bushy tailed,  but like their mother they were ready to get to work. We both looked at the mess before our eyes met in shaking our heads. We later locked eyes, greeted, and introduced ourselves. She told me that she and her daughters had went to serve at a few other schools. Tiffany Bussey is a mother of determination and purpose. She is raising her daughters Tayla and Maya to grow into young ladies in doing the same. We both had the confidence that we were going to tackle this monster head on with what we know, what we got, and what we loved. We learned that we were also Facebook friends.  I told her my experience in music and dance. She shared her passion in service and getting things done. She shared how important it was to live by example for our twin daughters.  We had the kids play an array of musical and old school fun games. For a brief moment we all forgot the straining situation that we were in.  We hugged after the kids begin to loose interest and become distracted. We knew it was our time to go, but we both knew that one day we would connect again. She and her daughters went on to volunteer at a few more places, and they have continued to serve around our local community. It was a pleasure to meet with them again. 

One on one with their mother Tiffany Bussey 

P.F.M. : What are your biggest joys about raising twin daughters?

T.B. : I love doing girly things with my daughters.

P.F. M. : What skills of importance were taught to you as a child that you now instill in your daughters?
 T.B. :  I want my daughters to have positive attitudes, learn from their mistakes, and to always do their best.

P.F.M. : Most people assume just because twins have so many similarities they don’t have many differences? 

T.B. : Tayla is very chatty, and Maya has a very sweet personality. 

P.F.M. : In your opinion what are some very important skills that we should train our young ladies of today in being leaders of tomorrow ?  

T.B. :  Teaching them how to clean up after themselves.

P.F. M. : What are your biggest dreams and hopes for your daughters to grow  up to be?

T.B. : I want to them to be whatever they want to be  doctors, singers, or actors. 

P. F.M. Why is it important for mothers to adopt parenting with purpose with raising their children ? 

T.B. : It’s important to build a strong parent and child relationship. 

P.F.M. :  When you all are not active serving the community in your various projects and community efforts what do you all do for ” Girls Day Out ” and fun?

T.B. :  We enjoy going out for ice cream, dinner dates, and baking. 

Maya & Tayla

P.F.M. : What makes your mom so special to you ?

Tayla :She is sweet.
Maya : She takes good care of us.

P.F.M. : Why is it important for children to take an active role in being active in making a difference in their communities ? 

Tayla & Maya: It important to help others who don’t have, and just be a helping hand.

P.F.M. : What would be your dream family vacation ?

Tayla & Maya: Disney World!

P. F. M. : Which one of you is the more laidback twin and which one of you is the more outgoing twin?

Tayla:  I am more laid back

Maya: I am more outgoing.

P.F.M. : What do you want to be when you grow up?

Tayla:   I want to be an actor and a singer.

Maya :  I want to be a actress and a singer. 

P.F.M. What is your favorite meal that your mother cooks?

Tayla & Maya  : Low Country Boil

P.F. M. : What would you like to change about this world in making a positive difference ?

Tayla: Stop Violence!

Maya : Helping others.  

P.F.M. : What’s your favorite children’s book ?

Tayla : Miss Daisy Is Still Crazy

Maya : Dark Diaries 

Watch my interview with Tiffany Bussey and twins Tayla and Maya at the Purpose Filled Mommy YouTube channel 

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