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She Was Made with Gail Lee Gardner: Mom On The Move

I got a chance to interview and chat with Gail Lee Gardner, the founder of She Was Made. Gail uses her  platform to encourage women to live a life full of purpose through  determination. She shares “Live” video chats about her own personal life  by living the example of what she speaks.  She keeps it real, honest, and direct which makes her approach even more welcoming for all women to connect to her message. She breaks her message of living a life of purpose down through realistic steps that gives motivation to women and mothers to take on the challenge of making their dreams possible. She’s also a single mother of two active boys. We had a chance to share on the topics of living life with purpose, parenting as a single mother,  the challenges of dating as a single mother, beauty tips, and more. She shares her story transparently of her journey of how she was made into being a woman living for purpose.

P.F. M :  When did you know that it was time to walk out on your purpose?

G. G  : In 2010 I was working as a patient care assistant at a local hospital. I had been there for 6 years. The charge nurse accused me of taking over an hour lunch break and I almost got fired. Around this time, I was already volunteering at public schools empowering young women, and I said it was time for me to walk in my purpose. I put in my two weeks and left. (Non-profit I AM Blossoms International)In 2012 I went back into the work force working in public transit. Started as a driver and three years later, I was promoted to a Supervisor position. Just last year in October 2016 I was falsely accused of harassment, disrespect, and intimidation by a woman at my place of employment . After a drawn out investigation, I concluded that it was time to transition into empowering women.

P.F.M.  : What were the biggest fears if any did you have in venturing out in She Was Made?

G.G. :  None. You know when you’re ready!It takes a lot of confidence and boldness to walk out in faith in doing what you love.

P.F.M. : Have you always been so outgoing?

G.G : No! My social butterflyfree spiriteddidnt happen until I was 27 years old.

P.F.M . : Who are your biggest supporters?

G.G. : My sons and mother.

P.F.M. : What does it mean to you personally in living a life filled with purpose?

G.G. : Knowing who’s you are, knowing who you are, and knowing what you have.When you know those three things, at that point, you know what you want and you know what you LOVE to do.  Living with purpose means serving. 

P.F.M : Why is it so important for women to unite in empowering other women

G.G. :There is power in numbers. Like the The Book of Life (Bible) speaks that when more than one are gathered God shows up. We all know what happens when he does what he does ! We learn that our gifts and talents aren’t  meant for only for ourselves to keep. It’s meant to give. Whatever you give know that it comes back to you multiplied. It also means giving support to others, and it’s about giving back financially. You’re only setting yourself up to reap what you’ve sown.

P.F.M. : Where are you originally from, and what projects if any do you currently do in spreading your message?

G.G. : I am from Lawton ,Oklahoma. The project I am currently working on spreading my message is social media by creating videos.

P.F.M. : What are the biggest challenges that you feel that single parents face in these days and times that are most often overlooked?

G.G. : Not being educated. This gets looked over a lot. Not knowing how to do certain things. When you don’t know, how do you know what to ask?

P.F.M . : How do you balance it all with your career, motherhood, and walking in your purpose?

G.G. : It takes discipline. There’s something about walking in your purpose that the universe and those who live within the universe connect in making things have balance. It’s like the universe takes care of you because you’re taking care of the universe. What I mean by the universe is people that live in the universe. You some how get on a routine where you’re so focused that you don’t think twice about certain things. There’s no way you’re doing it alone, although it seems as though you are. The Book of Life says, God will supply all of your needs through people. And he does!

P.F.M. : You have two sons. What do you adore about each one of them, and what have they taught in being a mother?

G.G. :  Yes, I do. They have watched me, they have shared in being in the same room with me empowering young women ,and they see  what I’m doing today which is training for them . They both have cultivated certain disciplines about themselves. They both know each others weaknesses and assist when needed. They argue and fight like siblings do and within a half a minute they’re in a corner somewhere singing kumbaya! They both know what they want to do. What they don’t know is that as they get older, they too will eventually empower other  people. They may chose to empower women , men, or both, but I know they will use the gift to empower others. What I do know is that I  adore about both my children.  

P.F.M. : What advice do you have for other single moms who are raising sons?

G.G. : Keep in mind you are raising “MEN” not boys! Allow them to be that independent alpha male. Raise the bar high by as a woman because  one day they will choose who they will pick as their queen who will be worthy of having their children.

P.F.M. :  Dating can be pretty tricky for single moms. What are a few things that you really consider before considering someone as a potential mate?

G.G. : It all depends on what you want. We attract who and what we are. If there’s something you don’t like about the man you chose to give your time to (date) help him. Understand that the first two or three years of dating someone we automatically dismiss the red flags because we’re in the newness of that person. Wait until after 4-6 years before considering, because once the newness goes away, at that point you know. Besides, what’s the rush? Why rush into setting yourself to fail? What’s wrong with being patient in setting yourself up to be in a healthy sustaining relationship? Make sure you become what you want. You can’t ask for something you lack. It doesn’t work unless you want to go through that emotional roller-coaster and repeat the same cycle. Learn the value of being patient and not rushing. Give who you are and remain consistent in who you are. We all want a companion, not someone to be here today and gone tomorrow. It’s all in the set-up.

P.F.M : In your opinion what are some of the biggest mistakes we make as single moms in dating?

G.G. : Rushing and operating as if you’re desperate. Not allowing your life to be an open book. Not exposing all of you. Making moves based off of your emotions. It all goes back to knowing who you are. 

P.F.M. : What would be your a romantic dream date for you

G.G. :  Not knowing where and what. Being spontaneous. Being present in the moment. Allowing the date itself be magical filled with unexpected gifts. 

P.F.M. : Would you say that you are an introvert or an extrovert?

G.G. : Both! Before coming into knowing who I was, what I had, and who I belonged to, I was an introvert. It’s all about being balanced.

P.F.M. : What is your go to beauty product?

G.G. : Deva Curl cleanse & conditioner. Shea Moisture leave-in. Coconut oil. Palmers coco butter lotion.

P.F.M : Finish this statement: I can’t leave the house without my…. laptop, book, and journal.

G.G.: Family time is the best time . What do you and the kids do for fun when you are not busy working?

G.G . :   We hang! We do everything cost effective and every now and then we do things that do cost. If it weren’t so cold, we’ll be out walking around the city, riding our bikes,running errands, or working out. We have family movie night at home as well. We do everything together.  We go to the park, and we go swimming. If there’s an opportunity to bring the boys to a networking event, conference, or seminar, I bring them. Exposure is key.

P.F.M. : Girls just want to have fun. What would be the ultimate mom/girl’s night out or weekend getaway for you with your closest friends?

G.G : Going to a retreat to rebuild mind, body, and soul, internally & externally. Doing things we’ve never done before!

P.F.M . : Are there any current projects that you are working on and if so how can we learn more about them?

G.G  : Right now I’m using social media to meet other women and share whatever it is women want to know. I currently coach women helping them discover and walk in their purpose. I have monthly workshops for women that want to know how to tap into their natural gifts and talents and use to help people. I am working on my book. Not sure what I will call just yet. I’m in the building stage of my business. 

P.F.M: Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview with me.

G.G. : Thank you! 

Learn more about Gail Lee Gardner follow her via social media through her Facebook page She Was Made

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