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Simply Awesome! Meet Yesenia Person : Mom On The Move

Looking at her glow in excitement with each step we took of our four mile hike at beautiful Phinizy Swamp I could see the determination that helped her loose over 100 pounds. Yesenia Person is not only a proud wife, and mother of three active kiddos, but she is the creator of the blog SimplySenia. She also combines her love of cooking and family with photography, her photography skills display an eye for detail with the lens. She shares delicious recipes and healthy eating tips daily that helped motivated her fitness journey. She is an unashamed foodie that can really throw down in the kitchen with an assortment of colorful dishes and treats that aren’t intimidating for those who want to try their hands in preparing simple tasty meals for their families. Our knees may have been a bit tingly following our walk through the historic Georgia swamp, but we felt victorious as two moms moving forward ready to take on an even bigger trail next time. My interview with Yesenia was simply wonderful!

P.F.M.: When did you know it was time to get fit and healthy?
Yesenia: I knew it was time after I saw that I was out of breath and in extreme pain with my knees following going up the stairs in our home. I was so tired.
P.F.M. : What were the first thoughts that came into your mind when you saw the pounds shedding?
Yesenia : At first I was trying something different. I was working on small goals. I wanted to lose a pound at a time. Once I lost my 1st 20 pounds that was when I got excited, and I told myselfI can do this!”

P.F.M. : Were you always overweight struggling with weight loss ?
Yesenia : No, I was not. I was very thin growing up. I didn’t start to gain weight until after I moved out on my own , and I became more independent. I was going out to eat more often. I didn’t know how to cook, so I was eating a lot more processed foods.
P.F.M. : What was your biggest motivation to lose weight? Who were your biggest supporters ?
Yesenia : My biggest motivation was myself! I looked at myself on a picture , I could not believe how big I was. My husband is my next biggest supporter. I did not tell many people that I was on a weight loss journey until I had already lost 30 to 40 pounds. I noticed a lot of people don‘t believe you can do it. They wait for you to mess up so they can say I told you so.
P.F.M. : For those of us who are at the beginning part of our weight loss journey , what are some helpful tips just to start out especially if you are new to exercising ?
Yesenia : My recommendation is to start small. It can be overwhelming at first to start your weight loss journey. I had over 100 pounds to lose, and it felt discouraging for me. I decided to take it one day at a time, and I took it one pound at a time. I focused more on my nutrition at first. I did my research by googling information about healthy eating. Beginners should be more active by getting off the couch, and do you best to move. Walk in place while you are watching T.V. You can also park farther away when you shop, and try to take the stairs.
P.F.M : What is your sweet tooth weakness? How do you implement a healthier alternative to combat your sweet tooth?
Yesenia : I love chocolates, and I love homemade cakes . Sometimes I try to make a healthier version of what I like, and sometimes I bake whatever I am baking. I noticed that if I deprived myself that I would end up binge eating .

P.F.M : How long have you been married ?
Yesenia : I have been married for 11 years, and we have been together for 12 years.
P.F.M. : What are some of the challenges that most don’t understanding in being a military family ?
Yesenia : Being a military wife is a sacrifice; you sacrifice a lot of things. We are taking care of our families, and we forget to take care of ourselves.
P.F.M. : What was the first thing that made you know he was the one?
Yesenia : I learned a lot about my husband after we moved in together. He made me laugh a lot!
P.F. M. : Did you have a big wedding and bridal party ?
Yesenia : No, we went to the court house when we got married . Following getting married we went to Carls Junior it’s called Hardees here in Georgia, had lunch, and we went home. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

P.F.M. : You have a lovely accent. Where are you originally from?
Yesenia : I was born in New York. My parents were both from the Dominican Republic .
P.F.M. I love asking random questions to better know people? Do you mind ?
Yesenia : No , not at all.
P.F.M. : What’s your favorite color?
Yesenia : Pink!
P.F.M. : Dress or pants kind of girl?
Yesenia: Yes, I definitely am a pants girl. I like to be comfortable. Don’t get me wrong I still know how to dress nice. Now that I am smaller I will start shopping for dresses. I tried not to buy too many clothes while I was losing weight .
P.F.M : Fruit or veggie kind of girl ?
Yesenia : I prefer veggies. Fruit has a lot of sugar. I eat it , but I cut it down.
Where would be your dream vacation with your spouse 1st, and later what would be your dream vacation as a family ?
Yesenia : First my dream is to visit Italy with my husband . I love Italian food and I can speak a little Italian . I would like for my kids to visit the Caribbean like the Dominican Republic so that I can visit my family, and we can go to the beach .
P.F.M. : It’s motherhood time! What were your 1st thoughts and feelings when you became a mother?
Yesenia : It was different for me . I was now responsible for another human . I was so happy.

P.F. M What do you enjoy about motherhood ?
Yesenia : I love talking to my kids. My kids are hilarious! I love cooking for them, and they love it as well. I learn a lot from my children .

P.F. M.: What are the joys of having a daughter ?
Yesenia : I love my baby girl! Since she is my only daughter and the baby of the family she gets spoiled by everyone. She gets spoiled by her brothers as well. We have tea parties , we play doll house, and she helps me bake. I am going to miss her being with me when she starts Pre-K this year.

P. F. M. What are some fun activities that you do as a family ?
Yesenia :I take my kids to the park, or we go for walks. Sometimes I put some music on, and we dance. We play active video games like the Wii or Just Dance .

P.F.M. : What are some helpful money saving tips for families especially with incorporating healthy eating?
Yesenia: I shop sales and I clip coupons. I notice a lot of processed foods have coupons. I shop for household things on coupons such as soap and detergent. For food I shop at Aldi’s Grocery store. I make a weekly menu, and I make a weekly grocery list. Everyday I know what I am goin to cook. I don’t do last minute shopping , and I don’t shop when I am hungry.

P.F.M. : Thanks so much for our interview .
Yesenia : Thanks so much for having me !

Follow Yesenia and her blog at http://simplysenia.family.blog

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