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Beyond The Surface: Living A Life True To Yourself  & Authentic 

   There comes a point in your life where you take the leap to go beyond the surface of all that you have ever known. Some people are born with the innate ability  to own who they are to the fullest . It takes some of us a little while longer to step outside of our comfort zones, to break free of what we have been told what is to be expected and who it’s to be with, and to walk in the truth of who we are.

    Maybe  you have been told “This is the best job for you, You were born to be a teacher”. However, inside you have always longed to be an artist. You could incorporate both being a teacher and an artist. You could enjoy dabbling as much as you can in the arts part time or as a creative hobby until you have researched and saved to make your dream an reality. It’s a rewarding  and growing process to live life beyond the surface of the lines that were created for you by others.

    There’s a point in everyone’s life that as they grow in age and through life’s evolving changes you long for more meaningful relationships. Social Media is great to view pictures, and it’s nice to see what everyone is up to .Facebook,Instagram, and other social media outlets are more surface relationships. What is life behind the post? Are we really friends because of a “Like” of a post ?  Have you been calling someone a friend for years, but never felt comfortable enough to confide beyond the surface of small talk? You can really tell how someone feels about you despite the years of connection when marriage, family, careers, and even long distance takes it’s toll. There is a longing at various points that only we ourselves can decide when the notion hits us that we need more from a relationship friendship or romantic beyond the surface. Make sure that your relationships of all sorts are authentic in realness, and that you’re not connected to a facade of what you think it is.

     We can stay on the surface in our parenting as well by being stuck in our usual routine in our family’s daily life cycle. We can get trapped in the movement of chores, pick ups, drop offs, carpool lines, and the usual ” How was  your at school?”, and never know who actually are our children’s best friends?” We can be on the surface of putting our children in our personal interest of what we want them to be involved in, and we miss the opportunity to go beyond the surface of what they really like to enjoy.  We can get stuck in the words ” I love you”, and never go in depth of learning  our children’s love language. Go beyond the surface of the feel good questions. There are  parents of college students and young adults who had no earthly clue that for years their son or daughter battled with depression, or sadly they find out to late because they were scratching the surface from a series of preventable incidents. Go beyond the surface of connecting with your children. Read the “Five  Love Languages”,  for Our Children by Gary Chapman, there are several series of books on relationships by Chapman on how to tap in the Five Love Languages.

     Spiritually it is easy to get stuck in the routine of going to bible study and Sunday morning worship without have a true connection with building a rewarding relationship with God. We can easily stay on the surface of participation in various auxiliaries and volunteer efforts that are empty in purpose of service with the mask feel good moment of acting in “service.” We were created to worship, serve, and give praise and honor our God. We are to develop a relationship fully in knowing Christ , and we are to do our best in being Christ like in our character and actions. Develop your own personal relationship with God through prayer, study, and in reflection .  Fellowship with fellow believers beyond the surface of high and bye. Find an interactive bible study that is centered around the word, and make sure your bibe study group is centered on connection through fellowship with one another. You can also reach out to find a spiritual partner that you all can as well can be prayer partners together. It’s nice to buid a spiritual friendship with someone that you can confide in,and the two of you can hold one another accountable.

       Walking fully in your purpose in whatever phase or relationship is all apart of being aligned fully within living intentionally in your  purpose. Your passion is your purpose from relationships to your career. Parenting in purpose beyond the surface of your comfort zone will grant you a more in depth rewarding relationship with your children. Dare to venture beyond the surface breaking the creative barriers set by yourself or others. We can learn so much about ourselves and the world around us when we walk in our true authenticity of venturing beyond the surface.

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