Mom Motivation & Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Surviving The Bad, The Weird, and The Awkward: Life’s Realites 

Life in reality will be filled with many situations that will take us completely out of our comfort zones. I wish that l could say that everyday will be like running through a field of flowers smiling with all our dearest friends and loved ones holding hands. That would be so awesome! However in truth we will run into situations that are completely out of our control or, we may run into our own natural flawed instinct as humans in making common mistakes. 

Yes, sometimes we may put our foot in our mouth. Yes, you may have to contact or list a former employer or supervisor where the departure wasn’t quite amicable. It can be stomach turning running into a former ex or once close friend when their is still pain lingering from the ending of a once close relationship.Life isn’t always bad, but life is unpredictable .

Through the good, the bad, and the awkward don’t fret or have anxiety about your daily interactions and meetings. Everyday situations and interactions maybe unpredictable but God’s love, grace, and compassion never changes or sways with the wind. Pray for guidance and strength in facing daily challenges. Let Him be the guiding light in showing how to navigate through out the day in all our actions and responses. 

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