Journeys In Motherhood, Mom Motivation & Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Get Out Of Your Feelings 

​Many say ” Get out of your feelings,”  however this can be hard for those of us who are sensitive. It’s necessary for us to recognize what is reality from what is our  emotions in dealing with situations. Offensives are a natural part of life and most offensives are not done intentionally to do harm. Some of our perceived slights or awkward gestures were done out of a simple misunderstanding .

 Don’t miss out on the possibilities of  developing rewarding relationships and new opportunities based on being in your head.

 We can’t act in the defense in every situation.Your life wasn’t created for you to live on the edge constantly on the defense of feeling attacked. 
The bases of many of those preceived situations isn’t paranoia but unresolved hurt, pain, and issues from the past. However, God can heal that hurt and offer peace beyond your understanding. Life wasn’t meant to be lived in fear or to be combative. Pray for a clean heart. Give yourself some grace and extend grace to others. May you find and live in peace. Be blessed beautiful people!

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