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You’re Going To The Beach!

Il Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

My daughter wrote a paper last week about how much she wanted to go to the beach. In her paper she said that if she could go anywhere in the world she would choose the beach shore because to her it’s the next best place to home.

I surprised all the kids by telling them we were going to beach the next day. They all were so excited, but no one was more excited than Paige. However, frustration started to come in by mid morning. She saw everything packed and ready to go, but she didn’t see the beach. She saw us all pack in our trusty mini van, but she didn’t see the beach. She saw us taking the long 3 hour ride to the first half of our Carolina coastal tour, but there was no beach in sight. Her big brown eyes started to look worried. She asked ” Mommy I don’t see the beach anywhere. Are we not going to the beach?”

We can apply this to our daily lives, and how important it is to be steadfast in our faith. Just because you don’t see it yet it doesn’t mean that God is not working on your behalf or aligning things within the purpose of his perfect timing. Wait patiently on the Lord. Not only is he working on your behalf, he’s supplying everything you need for the blessing of your breakthrough. Be blessed beautiful people.




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